from 4:30pm to 6pm (friday & saturday) / during restaurant hours 4pm to 6:45pm (monday to friday) / or by appointment only

A specialty deli / boutique, with:

- An array of starters, desserts, ready-meals for 1 or 2 persons, from comfort food to more elaborate, priced from 3,50€, that will be updated or change regularly (kindly refer below for the non exhaustive list of dishes)...

- Assorted finger food platters.

- SUSHI FRIDAY - Assorted sushi platters every Friday (and now with the new lockdown, every Thursday) - beware limited availability.

- Our HOT ready-meals and our range of burgers may be found Wednesday and Sunday lunches on this link 'GOURMET DRIVE'.

- For you here, all the details for a special MOTHERS DAY MENU.


The ready-meals are prepared as fresh as possible depending on market availability and in a limited quantity however please be assured that should not be any shortages. These should be consumed preferably within 3 days of its production.

We ensure that choices are diverse, balanced and as moorish for everyone, but with a key emphasis to keep our pricing as low and affordable.

Kindly refresh this page for any changes or new item before placing your order.

Our dishes may be subject to the presence of substances or ingredients causing certain allergies ou intolerances – if in doubt, please consult with the chef for the food allergenes.

For all other or more personnalised requests, please contact management.

During restaurant hours

FRIDAY & SATURDAY: from 4:30pm to 6pm

MONDAY to FRIDAY: from 3pm to 5:45pm

or by appointment only outside of opening hours (including weekends)

Our range of food is prepared fresh daily with no artificial flavours or additives from selected quality ingredients and produce.

For this reason and in view of frequent updates, we regret that you are unable to order online. Please feel free to call us to put some dishes aside or order family size platters or larger trays.

Only 1 person accepted in the boutique.

Thank you for using the appropriate preventive gestures at all times. Compulsory mask to be worn.

Hydro alcoolic hand gel provided. Thorough desinfectation before and after each visit.

In order to minimise too much handling, please kindly bring your own bag if at all possible.

At the deli, by CONTACT FREE card preferably for any purchases below 50€ otherwise all safety precautions will be taken for all other payment methods.

For deliveries, payment will be preferably made by distance credit card authorisation.

By ordering no later than 9:30am or ideally the day before, we will be able to organise a delivery to your home or at your work place within a radius of 20kms, MONDAY to FRIDAY between 10:30am and 12pm.

Catchment Area : Marignac Lasclares, Gratens, Lafitte Vigordane, Peyssies, Bois de la Pierre, Labastide-Clermont, Carbonne, Salles s/Garonne, St Julien s/Garonne, Saint Elix, Lavelanet-de-Comminges, Cazères, Le Fousseret, Mondavezan, Sana, Castelnau-Picampeau, Montoussin. ALL NEW: Martres-Tolosane, Alan, Bacchas, Lussan-Adeilhac, Bérat, Longages, Noé, Marquefave, Capens, Rieux-Volvestre, Gensac s/Garonne, Couladère, Mauran. For any other village or place, please check possibilites / availabilities within our rounds.

5€ one-off tarif, or free delivery for orders over 60€.

For delivery orders, we prefer telephone credit card payment.

Deli Menu

Updated 06/05/2021 20:00

Deli of the Moment Tarif TTC Cond/t Notes
Onion Chutney, Smoked Chipotle & Pecan Nuts Camembert (V) € 5,00 1-2 pers To Bake & Share
Scandinavian Style Salmon Gravlax, Rye Toasts € 9,00 1-2 pers 150g
Quinoa Falafels & Carrot Hummus (V) € 12,00 1-2 pers
Mix Latino - chimichurri pork skewers, piglet empañadas, stuffed jalapeños, chicken coxinhas € 12,00 1-2 pers
Mix Marino - salt cod accras, prawn bites, crispy prawns, thai fish cakes € 12,00 1-2 pers
Mix Veggie - veggie samosas, courgette skewers, spring rolls, chilli bites € 12,00 1-2 pers
Creamy Vegetable Chowder (V) € 3,50 1 pers Starter
Minced Beef Pak Choi Puff, Mixed Salad € 7,50 1 pers Starter
Olive, Artichoke & Feta Flan, Mixed Salad (V) € 7,50 1 pers Starter
Root Veggie Tartiflette (V) € 11,00 1 pers Mains
Green Peppercorn Duck Ballotin (5/10), Jasmine Rice & Veggies € 12,00 1 pers Mains
Turkey Oysters in Miso Sauce, Noodles & Veggies € 12,00 1 pers Mains
Chili Con Carne (meatballs) & Veggies € 12,00 1 pers Mains
Black Pudding with Onions & Veggies € 12,00 1 pers Mains
Pepper & Espelette Stuffed Pork Loin, Cereals & Veggies € 12,00 1 pers Mains
Fish Pie & Veggie Gratin € 12,00 1 pers Mains
Creamy Exotic Fruit Pot (verrine) € 3,50 1 pers Dessert
Dark Chocolate & Granola Mousse (verrine) € 3,50 1 pers Dessert
Strawberry Cheesecake € 4,50 1 pers Dessert

Sushi Menu

Available every THURSDAY & FRIDAY (upon ORDER at the latest the day prior)

Japanese Assortments Tarif TTC Cond/t Notes
Mix Nigiris LG (17pcs) € 25,00 1-2 pers fish depending on arrival
Mix Nigiris PT (8pcs) € 12,00 1 pers fish depending on arrival
Mix Sushis : Nigiris (5pcs) + Makis (4pcs) € 12,00 1 pers fish depending on arrival
Crab Onigiris (5pcs) € 8,00 1-2 pers sushi rice stuffed balls
Classic Ocean Salmon Poke Bowl € 14,00 1 pers sushi rice
Tuna Tataki in Ponzu Sauce Bento € 18,00 1 pers soba noodles